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Toho Wars:Return of Guy Toho Wars:Return of Guy Rated Stars The Least-Parodied Film of the Original Trilogy... Now Parodied... with Monsters.... Comedy - Parody Toho Wars:Satire Strikes Toho Wars:Satire Strikes Rated Stars The I am your Father scene will not be shown due to over-parodying.... Comedy - Parody Toho Wars: A New Dope Toho Wars: A New Dope Rated Stars You're my only hope! Comedy - Parody MonsterX Message ofWonder MonsterX Message ofWonder Rated Stars The wondrous return of old school Monster X! In color!. Comedy - Parody Monster X Message of Doom Monster X Message of Doom Rated Stars Psychotic rambling... it's considered wisdom in some places... i.e. Washington D.C..... Comedy - Original Quasiped Quasiped Rated Stars Side Effects May Include Lack of Realism. Comedy - Parody Product Placement 1985 Product Placement 1985 Rated Stars Crisp and Refreshing.... Comedy - Original Obscure Monster Chat Obscure Monster Chat Rated Stars I'll give you a hint He's the Giant Sea Snake from King Kong Escapes (1967). Comedy - Parody Alien Alliance Alien Alliance Rated Stars Allies in the fight against... something.... Comedy - Parody PlanetX Smoothies Ep Zero PlanetX Smoothies Ep Zero Rated Stars Another Day getting RIP OFF. Comedy - Parody Pundit Patrol Pundit Patrol Rated Stars NO SLANT ZONE!!!! Comedy - Parody Message From The Xillens Message From The Xillens Rated Stars This acourse is a spoof of Invasion of the Astro Monster. Comedy - Parody Retro Moguera Retro Moguera Rated Stars Headline:Mysteroid Invades with a Cocky Droid Comedy - Parody Beast Buy Beast Buy Rated Stars Gabara gets a job and gete fired the last second. Comedy - Original Gorosaurus X Megaguirus Gorosaurus X Megaguirus Rated Stars Gorosaurus REALLY REALLY hates bugs. Comedy - Parody "Titanosaurus"Used Cars "Titanosaurus"Used Cars Rated Stars Titanosaurus has officially gone crazy. Comedy - Original Destroy All Parodies Destroy All Parodies Rated Stars A Spoof About Destroy All Monsters and and the trailer too so hope that ya enjoy it. Comedy - Parody